If you have been paying attention, you've noticed I haven't been doing many live shows or videos lately. I had to face some tragedy and loss recently, but I am coming out of all of it a better person and rest assured, I am back to my hard working self now. I have 2 videos in preproduction, one with a just sickeningly talented drummer named Lindsay Martin. Look this girl up on youtube. Since my last blog I have hooked up with the metal band Rusty Eye who just released our Spanish album Saca El Cobre last week. We are currently shooting videos and planning shows. I also got together with my buddy Quentin who sings with Enrot and so I'm playing at least one show with those guys. More? Who knows what the future holds... I'm talking to a few other really great artists about collaborations too. Some cool acoustic singer/songwriter stuff and a few rock and roll bands. So expect more from me in the near future. In addition to music, I've been doing a few auditions for commercials and I have been working with a rad group of students from UCLA on student films and learning more and more about how to work behind the scenes. Second career? Looks like this might be. I'm coming for you, LA. Time to be the guy in all the bands again.

Remember, 3/22 in Anaheim: Night of Debauchery 2 with Enrot! Go to the show and party!


I pulled in to LA with my girlfriend Jen and my dog on October 1 and it has been the most insane year since. We were immediately greeted by a man that would become my friend and band leader, Happenin’ Harry. With Harry I have had the opportunity to play with members of Iron Maiden, Dio, Fishbone and Ministry and even got to tech for Mike Portnoy! I joined The Tokyo Death Squad and made some videos I’m really proud of. I started teaching at 2 schools, one that focuses on teaching 1-3 year olds to appreciate music, and at the other I give private drum lessons. I started singing, picked up a little piano and started getting more serious about guitar. I was also welcomed here by a group of amazing people, some locals and some who are even newer to LA than me. I’m really lucky. This town is amazing and I can honestly say that I am a much better musician than I was when I left Chicago. I have so many ideas for the future and I have a lot of irons in a lot of fires right now. I’m slowly gaining more students and opportunities for work are presenting themselves in ways that I never even thought about. I seriously love LA and am so glad I moved out here. Thank you everyone for your continued support. It means the whole world.

Having said all that, I have to pay tribute to a very close friend, bandmate, confidant, mentor and any other thing I left out. Matt Ryd was my brother in so many ways. He decided to end his life about a month ago and I’m about to leave for Chicago to play cajon on one of his songs at he public service. I cannot name all the good Matt has personally brought into my life and I won’t attempt to list everything now, but know that that when Matt left we lost one of the best. And if you read his Facebook page, you’ll find that I’m not nearly the only one with this kind of story. Matt touched so many people’s lives. I’m honored to have been so close with Matt and so proud to be involved in his tribute. I just wish he wasn’t gone.


Stayed the night at my moms and took advantage of the sun. I layed out for like 10 minutes total and that was plenty! The sun is so intense here! The we hit up Alice Cooperstown which was amazing. His show was what inspired this move in the first place. I saw him play with Maiden this summer and his band was so tight and amazing. I just thought, “That is where I belong.” And from there I started planning. Seriously, if you’ve never seen Alice Cooper live, do yourself a favor and catch a show. His band is one of the best I’ve ever seen and the stage stuff can’t be matched. Anyway, the food was good and we had a good time. After that, we went to the Scottsdale Gun Club. This place was amazing! First we got to pick posters for our targets. Of course we picked a couple of gnarly looking zombies. We shot 3 kinds of fully automatic machine guns and tore our targets up. They will be the first “art” that goes up on the walls when we get to LA. Then we spet another 20 minutes shooting handguns. Such a fun day today! Partying with the dogs tonight (my mom has a Doberman and an Italian greyhound that play with Link) and hitting the road kind of early tomorrow. Hoping to get to LA in the afternoon and start looking for a place to live. So stoked to get settled in LA! See you guys soon!


2 huge days to tell you about! I got up early yesterday morning to get my oil changed. The mechanics were super helpful and told me how to get my car to LA in it’s current condition. Then, after a quick nap, we hit the road for Amarillo. This town is crazy. We didn’t have a ton of time, but we stopped at Tyler’s Barbeque and that was amazing. Texas bbq is incredible. You probably already knew that, but I want to reinforce it. Texas bbq is among the best food I’ve eaten in this lifetime. After that we checked out the Cadillac Ranch, which was really cool. Texas, I gotta say, I’ve only been there twice, but this is one of my favorite states to visit. About 2 years ago I came through with Fashion Bomb on the Ill Nino tour and you guys treated us and me personally, great. This time may have been even better. Texas has always been good to me and I can’t wait to visit again. We made it all the way to Gallup NM before stopping. This was a little adventure too. The local refinery was having a big overtime thing where they brought in a ton of new workers and because of this, on a seemingly random Friday night in New Mexico, EVERY HOTEL ROOM WAS BOOKED!!! We ended up getting the last room at a pretty expensive place. Oh well. At least we avoided sleeping in the car.

Today we had another busy day. Jen and I got up early and drove to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest in AZ. This was a pretty amazing stop. The rocks and scenery are incredible and the actual petrified forest really has to be seen to be believed. Our next stop was Scottsdale to visit my family and Google took us on this crazy route through all these national forests. The drive was a blast. Got to my mom’s and, of course, she already had dinner waiting. We ate, drank and had a blast. We’ll be here tomorrow night as well then hitting LA on Monday to find an apartment!!!


Craziest day of the trip so far, and by a wide margin. We started off early, leaving the motel in Tulsa at like 11. Soon after we left it started raining but it wasn’t too bad. We stopped at the Cherokee Trading Post “with live buffalo”! It was way less exciting than I thought. Basically it was a gift shop that looked like it was out of a 1950’s western (or Doc Brown’s image of the wild west from Back To The Future III). Lots of campy kitchy stuff. The buffalo were cool though. I almost got a wolves howling at the moon t-shirt but resisted the temptation. So about an hour after we left the Trading Post my oil light came on. We stopped at the next town, but it was 5:15 so every single oil mechanic was closed! Not wanting to push our luck we checked in to a local motel. This is where the story takes a real turn for the positive. I decided I wanted to eat some Texas bbq and we had past a place on the way to the motel so we decided to stop in. It’s called 66 Stage Line and it’s on Route 66 in Shamrock Texas. If you are ever here, this place is a MUST! I can’t stress this enough. As soon as we walked in the door the head waitress and the manager each introduced them selves. We ordered food and some beers and the manager came to our table and talked to me about his old band that used to tour all over Texas for years. Then he grabbed his acoustic and gave us a private VIP show of some old tunes I hadn’t heard before. The food came during the show and was incredible. I got ribs and they were way better than any bar-b-que I’ve had in Chicago or anywhere else for that matter. Between the food and the show, this was easily one of the best nights of the trip and turned what could have been a rough and stressful night into a real positive. Cross your fingers that all I need is an oil change to get back on the road tomorrow!